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  • Established Relationships with Local Senior Living Facilities

Senior Moves

Senior moves present unique circumstances that you and your family may encounter. All Ways Moving & Storage® appreciates, understands, and specializes in the complexity of senior moves.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates with no hidden charges! Your dedicated sales consultant will fully explain every charge so that you understand exactly what you are paying for.

Affordable Services for Senior Moves

We offer affordable services, using a reduced pricing structure to fit your needs during this transition.

Packing & Unpacking Options

Often times seniors are in a position where they are unable to pack their most fragile household goods. All Ways Moving & Storage® offers a variety of packing services to fit your needs. We can complete a full-pack, which includes our packers packing all loose household goods into moving boxes. We can also perform a partial-pack, which includes our packers only packing items that you are unable or not comfortable with packing yourself. Often times these are items found within the kitchen and dinning room, or precious heirloom items. We also offer full and partial unpacking services at destination.

Additional Services

In some circumstances, a senior move means downsizing. All Ways Moving & Storage® has the ability to store items in our secure warehouses, or we can deliver specified household goods into a self-storage facility. We can also handle extra deliveries of specified household good items to family and friends.

Professional Staff for Senior Moves

Our staff is accommodating, professional, polite, and sensitive to your needs. All Ways Moving & Storage® crew members are highly-trained to ensure your senior move happens safely.

Established Relationships

Our long-standing and established relationships with local senior living facilities means you have peace of mind knowing that we are familiar with the facility, staff, and current policies and procedures.

Your health and safety is our number one priority!
Established relationships with local senior facilities!
Furniture and home protection are offered as a standard service and you are never charged additional fees!
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